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20 Dec 2021

A Christmas Message from Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre

Everyone who works at Bira would like to wish all our members and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022. We have all enjoyed working with Bira this year and we believe we have been more productive for our members.

The year was again dominated by Covid. We have provided a huge amount of support and information and until recently we were seeing positive trends for the high streets in general.

There has been more engagement than ever with Government departments as we continue to highlight the value of independent retail. Importantly, we know that the various government departments are listening to us – the most notable success being a 50% discount on rates next year.

We have also invested in a new online trading platform - a low cost, easy way of adding a digital sales channel to your business. This is a proactive step in offering a service that will help you and your business to succeed in these difficult trading times - certainly worth a try in 2022. 

A summary of the year's highlights are below. I do not doubt that 2022 will be even more challenging and once again dominated by Covid, although the increased costs burden being placed on business is a real concern. 

Everyone at Bira wishes you every success and bit of luck next year, and we are really looking forward to supporting you again.

Just some of the highlights of 2021

New Services

Campaign Highlights of 2021

    • Campaigning for better funding for retailers in lockdown
    • Campaigning for more clarity on essential shops
    • Campaigning to abolish business rates
    • Supporting retailers to implement click and collect
    • Campaigning to protect retail staff from abuse
    • Providing support to members trading in the EU with Brexit
    • Campaigning to extend the business rates holiday
    • Campaigning to cut parking charges
    • Work with the BEIS to help retailers rebuild the highstreet as members of the Retail Sector Council
    • Joined UK Finance task force to prepare retailers for SCA
    • Campaign for budget support for indie retailers – business rates discount of 50% in 2022/23
    • Webinars to provide clarity on covid rules
    • Guidance and support for non-essential retailers reopening
    • Creates net-zero task force
    • Campaign for extension in Trade Credit Reinsurance
    • Campaign for a shop out to help out scheme
    • Provided support for the new plastic bag charges
    • Provided support for the £100 contactless limit roll out
    • Campaign on card payment fees and the need to place ‘caps’ the card providers
    • Campaign for remove shop theft punishment threshold
    • Sponsor The Sustainable Business Podcast
    • Campaign for new laws to resolve Covid-19 commercial rent debts

You can read about Bira's campaigning here

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