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07 Jan 2021

Bira calls on government to make baby goods stores 'essential'

Bira is calling on the Government to make shops selling baby goods 'essential'.

Retailers selling predominantly baby goods are currently deemed 'non-essential' in England, and are required to close in the latest national lockdown. This is despite it being against the law for a newborn to leave hospital without a car seat - a fact recognised in Wales, Italy and Germany, which deem baby equipment stores 'essential'.

Bira is now backing a campaign set up by one of its members, who runs a baby equipment store. The member has launched petition to have the guidance changed, outlining that 'nursery stores sell life-saving and legally required items such as car seats'.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, said: "There seems to be an unfortunate paradox in the guidelines for essential shops where an off-licence is seen as more important than a shop providing essential products  for parents and babies.

"Does this really represent our values in society at the moment? Wales has addressed this and we are calling on the English Government to add baby equipment shops to the 'essential' list. We need to get our priorities right for once."

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