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26 Jan 2021

Listen again to Bira members talk to BBC Radio 4

Bira members from Tenby, Wales, appeared on BBC Radio 4's consumer programme You and Yours this week.

Katherine John of Morris Brothers department store, and Kate Davies of Jago, a clothing retailer, spoke to journalist Samantha Fenwick, about the indie scene in Tenby - a town where 75% of shops are independently owned.

The report followed new research by Deloitte called 'Could hyper-localisation and 'fast fail' save the High Street?', which suggests there could be a promising future for independent retailers post-pandemic.

One of the points in the report states: "There will be continued retreat of chains and independent retailers will be at the forefront of the recovery of the high street."

Samantha also spoke to Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre about how independent retail is coping in the pandemic - and he calls for more support from the Government. You can listen again to the radio programme (Tenby slot at approx 29 minutes) here

Thank you to Katherine and Kate for agreeing to take part in this broadcast. If you would like to be a media spokesperson for Bira in the future, please email

Here, Deloitte comment on the latest retail report from the ONS.

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