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23 Dec 2020

Company updates from Toolstream

Bira Direct Supplier Toolstream issue an update on stock availability and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

For more information on Toolstream click here.

Covid Stock update

Toolstream are experiencing delays due to disruption of global shipping schedules during the early stages of the pandemic. This has been compounded by a surge in demand for imports and container shortages causing bottlenecks at ports worldwide. Toolstream are taking all the possible steps to work through this challenge and are collaborating with their logistical partners to get stock to you as quickly as possible.

For the most up-to-date stock information and for alerts on stock arriving using StockWatch, please visit

If you wish to obtain a list of commodity codes for Toolstream products, we have made them available here for your convenience.

Changes to when you shop on

From 1st January 2021, you'll see some changes when you shop on This is because the way your bank or payment services provider verifies your identity or validates a specific payment instruction is changing to reduce the risk of fraud. Authentication is the process that your bank or payment services provider uses to establish that it is really you and is know as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Transactions over a certain limit will need to go through a second level of authentication.

The form this authentication takes will be determined by your card issuing bank. Please contact your card issuer if you would like more information.

Our Sales and Customer Service teams are available and happy to help if you have any queries. If you would like to speak to a team member, please email or call us on 01935 382222

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