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12 Nov 2020

Important news for cookshops

We have been made aware that Trading Standards in some parts of England are prepared to let cookware shops open during lockdown by agreeing to classify them as hardware shops (and therefore essential).

Bira supported a cookshop to challenge a previous decision to close the shop and the retailer has received written confirmation from the relevant authorities.

However, we must stress that the decision is subject to the opinion of any particular Trading Standards officer and the shop must sell a significant amount of cookware as part of its total sales.

As a cook shop owner you may want to consider re-opening and referring any authority to this case. Alternatively, you may want to speak to your local authority/Trading Standards officer to make them aware of the decision elsewhere in the country and ask their view. Either way this may be an opportunity for you to open your business at this very important time.

Finally, if you do re-open and are subsequently asked to close, you must do so immediately to avoid any fines.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira CEO, said: "We believe this ruling allows you to open and if challenges, please refer the police, local authorities or Trading Standards to this case study.

"If you are told to close, then you will need to do so. We do not believe that fines will be issued unless you continue to ignore the advice given to you by your relevant authority."

  • The case number for anyone wishing to quote this decision in relation to reopening is: 287748

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