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09 Jun 2020

Bira Bank agrees loan repayment holidays totaling £1.662 million

Bira Bank has agreed to £1.662m worth of loan repayment holidays for Bira members since the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Bank approved over 100 repayment holidays for members across the UK, including a ladies’ fashion retailer who saw their online activity increase enough to bring furloughed staff back to work, and an outdoor gear shop with no online presence who is now looking to reopen on June 15. 

John Collins, Director of Bira Bank, said “We are pleased to be able to support Bira members and those in the retail industry with some much-valued support during this time. Despite not being an accredited bank for government-backed loans (i.e CBIL, BBL etc) our Trade Association Bank has pulled out all the stops to help members.

From feedback we have received from our members, we know we’ve been able to make a difference to all the businesses we’ve worked with over the past few weeks.”

Feedback from one Bira member said: “I am most grateful for this and the additional services I have relied upon over the past few weeks. I am much appreciative to Bira.”

Another member added: “You have lifted a great weight from my mind, your offer means a great deal to us. Thank you so much.”

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