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26 Aug 2020

Add your name to call for VAT cut

Bira members are invited to add their names to a petition calling the Government to reduce VAT to 5% for the retail sector in a bid to 'save the high street'.

Chris Hayes of Woven, a menswear retailer in Durham, launched the petition and is looking to get at least 100,000 signatures - meaning the matter will be considered for debate in Parliament.

The Government has already cut VAT to 5% in the hospitality sector as part of efforts to boost the economy post-lockdown.

Bira has been calling for the same to be done for the retail sector.

Mr Hayes said: "We are a family menswear business based in Durham City for the past 10 years and we are trying to save not just our high street but all high street stores.

"We have started a petition to reduce VAT to 5% for the retail sector for a limited time just like the leisure sector and try and save our high street."

Add your name to the petition here

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