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04 Feb 2021

Eddingtons Icebreaker top ice cube maker

Eddingtons are delighted to announce that its new Icebreaker brand was rated 1 of 5 best ice cube makers in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL on the 16th of January 2021.

The author selects and displays their view of the best solution within 5 different ice-making categories. ICEBREAKER® POP is honoured to be the #1 within basic ice cube trays and COOL DESIGN, solving the pain of ‘sloppy filling proposition’ now available in the UK and Eire exclusively from Eddingtons Ltd:

"For Fans of Cool Design  

Filling most trays is a sloppy proposition. Created by a Danish engineer, the Icebreaker Pop tidies up the process. Just fill the top hole of the canteen-like device with water, seal the rubber stopper and freeze for 7-8 hours. To loosen the ice cubes from the container, and separate them from each other, lay it on a counter and press down like you’re performing CPR (you’ll hear a sternum-snapping sound of crunching ice). Then pull the rubber handles on either side apart: Out pour 18 one-inch cubes (or, technically, decahedrons). ($25,"


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