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18 Jan 2022

Final draft of Offensive Weapons Act 2019

Gov UK has released the final draft of statutory guidance to be issued under section 66 of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.

As an indie retailer, if you administer the sale and delivery of knives you will need to ensure you comply with the new guidance.

The guidance is made up of the following parts:

  • Part 1: Corrosive products and substances
  • Part 2: Knife Crime Prevention Orders - Separate guidance
  • Part 3: Sale and delivery of knives etc.
  • Part 4: Possession etc. of certain offensive weapons
  • Part 5: Threatening with offensive weapons
  • Part 6: Firearms
  • Part 7: Enforcement

The sales and delivery part of the guidance sets out the obligations placed on retailers, online sellers and marketplaces to ensure that they comply with the law and explains the defences available, which require that all reasonable precautions are taken and all due diligence exercised to avoid committing an offence.

Read the full guidance here

Watch this video below from the National Business Crime Centre

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