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16 Jun 2020

Bira fights for retailers who missed out on Covid-19 support

Bira has vowed to continue to fight for retailers who have missed out on government support.

The pledge follows the findings of the Treasury Select Committee that one million people had missed out on receiving any financial support during the pandemic.

The committee's report is supported by Bira's own research which revealed many of you found yourselves ineligible for government support.

Members who missed out included those who have recently started a business and so don't have enough information about company turnover, and those of you who pay yourselves through dividends.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, said: "Bira has been saying since the Government's schemes were introduced that too many of our members would not receive any support; rates too high, previous income too high, earnings through dividend were all barriers to receiving urgent support.

"Even though shops are re-opening we believe that more must be done to support these people whose livelihoods are at risk."

Bira has vowed to continue to raise the matter with government Ministers.

Did you miss out on government support? We are looking for case studies to speak to the media. Email your story to