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18 Aug 2021

Bira aims to be the first business association to become Net Zero

This week Bira's internal group met to discuss the actions we can make to improve our carbon output and make the steps needed to become a net zero business association. Bira CEO, Andrew Goodacre shares his thoughts on becoming net zero. 

Andrew Goodacre sml

"The recent report on the state of our environment will have made us all realise that more needs to be done to reduce carbon. There is clear evidence of climate change, the world becoming warmer and plenty of examples of the impact of these changes. At Bira we have been looking at ways of reducing our own carbon footprint with the aim of becoming the first business association to be net zero. We have established an internal working party looking at the changes we can make to Bira. At the same time we want to help independent retailers make these important changes, and we will share our own journey as well as make you aware of external support for retailers

With this in mind I would like to share this letter from the Net Zero Busine Champion for the UK Government (Andrew Griffith). The letter details some of the support available from the government – details of the official website with details of small actions retailers can make can together make a major difference

I genuinely believe that we must all look to reduce our energy consumption, reduce wastage and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint. Bira is actively involved with the Retail Sector Council in developing ideas to support smaller retailers and we will provide regular updates. The first step is to sign up to the government challenge/ pledge, details of which can be found here."

Download the letter from Andrew Griffith MP 

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