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22 Jul 2021

Has your business been impacted by the 'pingdemic'? We want to hear from you

Businesses across the country are currently being impacted by the 'pingdemic' - staff shortages as a result of being contacted by the NHS track and trace app.

Bira would like to get a sense of how it is impacting the indie retail sector, and we are also searching for media case studies.

We know that for a small shop, if one member of staff tests positive for coronavirus and has to self-isolate, then it is likely the rest of the employees will have to too. This often means the complete closure of the business.

In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre explains how the 'pingdemic' could cripple the sector. More here

How has the 'pingdemic' affected youur business? If you've got a story to tell email

Full government guidance on self-isolation for staff and employers can be found here

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