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08 Dec 2021

Bira CEO meets with parliamentary committee reviewing the commercial rental debt bill

Bira spoke to the parliamentary committee reviewing the Bill addressing commercial rental debt caused by Covid-19. Andrew Goodacre, CEO attended, and asked for greater clarity on who is covered by this legal framework, the costs of arbitration and importantly the assessment of business viability (which is used to determine access to arbitration). We will keep members informed on this important issue.

Questions included

  1. Do you think the protective period for rent debt should be extended, and if so how long for?
  2.  Following concerns from tenants whose landlords have started proceedings before Nov 10th, should there be a retrospective change to that date?
  3. Do you have any concerns about the scheme which would make it less likely to work in practice?
  4. What was the extent of the impact on the Landlord and Tenancy ACT 1950?
  5. What are the sectors most indebted and how are they coping?
  6. What can be done to make retailers aware of the arbitration process
  7. How has the conversation been received? 
  8. How has the code of practice worked?
  9. Are you concerned that costs of arbitration may put off retailers from engaging in the arbitration process and therefore may lead to their closure?

Watch the parliamentary committee meeting here

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