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21 Jul 2020

Road closures: Bira's plea to PM to 'give us back our high streets'

Three quarters (75%) of you say trade is being detrimentally impacted by lockdown road closures, an exclusive Bira members' survey has revealed.

We sent out the survey after many of you contacted the team to express concerns about increased road closures impacting footfall, after we published this story.

As a result, Bira is calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene and 'give us back our high streets'.

In the survey, two thirds (66.1%) of you who filled it in said you had been affected by road closures - 80% of those closures had been put in place during lockdown or since restrictions were lifted.

Of those affected, 55% said your trade had been impacted 'significantly', while a further 20% of you admitted the closures had affected trade 'a little'.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, said: "It would appear that local authorities have decided to keep shoppers safe by deterring them from visiting the high streets at all.

"All around the UK we are seeing temporary road closures put in place, and all around the UK we are hearing from members who are seeing their business disappear as a result.

"The changes have removed valuable parking spaces, reduced access and even made it impossible for people with disabilities to visit their favourite shops.

"Many of these closures have been done without proper consultation and without any thoughts to the business.

"The PM wants people to return to normal, so please give us back our high streets and remove these physical barriers to visiting the high street and shopping."

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