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13 Oct 2021

Supply chain woes top agenda of meeting with Biz Minister

Concerns over supply chains topped the agenda when Bira met with Small Business Minister Paul Scully.

The meeting, part of a regular programme of British Retail Consortium (BRC) meetings with Mr Scully was dominated by concerns over the supply chain, although development of skills in retail and the need to make an apprenticeship scheme fit for purpose was also discussed.


Bira's CEO Andrew Goodacre explained: "The problems extends beyond the well-publicised HGV driver shortage, with employers finding it difficult to recruit people in the distribution centres, in the shops and in effect at all points of the supply chain." Other discussions focused on development of skills in retail and the need to make the apprenticeship scheme fit for purpose.

He added: “It was an interesting meeting with the business minister.

"Clearly the Government wants to work with retail to ease pressures in the supply chain. We know that independent retailers are not immune to these pressures, and we were keen to stress that the issue are not isolated to large retailers.

"These meetings with the business minister have been taking place since the pandemic started, and they have been an important part of our engagement with the department for businesses (BEIS). We genuinely believe the government is listening to our concerns on supply chains, debt, rent debt and business rates. Bira will continue to push for a fair deal for indie retailers.”

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