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30 Apr 2020

V55 paper forms still being processed, says DVLA

The Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) has confirmed the DVLA will continue to process paper V55 forms for Agricultural Vehicles following the outbreak of Covid-19. 

The AEA, which processes tractor registration data, said they have received a number of queries regarding the process of paper V55 forms.

The DVLA has said they still regard agricultural vehicles being key to keep the country moving and that they are considered in the key worker category. Therefore, the advice below still stands.

Anyone involved in the registrations of agricultural vehicles should be made aware that they should be continuing as normal, including sending any paper V55 forms to DVLA. You will be informed immediately if the situation changes, but we don’t expect that it will.

According to the DVLA they will adopt the following process of Vehicle Registrations throughout the coronavirus crisis:

The DVLA have very clearly informed us that they will only process those vehicle registrations which are pertinent to Key Workers. As part of the food supply chain, the Agricultural Sector is included on the Key Worker list and we are confident that our registrations are being processed by the DVLA. They are however, asking us to ensure that we highlight all our Agricultural Vehicle Sales and that we appreciate that only key worker vehicles will be processed in a timely manner. All other vehicles will be processed when normal operational practices resume.

The AEA have identified the following codes relevant to Key Worker status:

036 – Livestock Carrier

054 – Light 4x4 Utility

063 – Agricultural Tractor – includes many of the UTVs/SbSs

064 – Combine Harvester

065 – Root Crop Harvester

066 – Forage Harvester

067 – Windrower

068 – Sprayer

069 – Vine/Picker

070 – Agricultural Machine – this covers ATVs, some harvesters and telehandlers

0A1 – Agricultural Telescopic Handler

097 – ATV

071 – Mower

If your registration is classified under one of these codes, please write on the top of the form to draw the attention of the person at DVLA processing the form. We suggest something like: PRORITY KEY WORKER AGRICULTURAL CODE: 069 etc.

Where vehicles in these categories are being sold to a non-farming customer, we ask you to either hold onto the forms or, not mark them for priority attention. This could be particularly pertinent to code 071-Mower where mowers are sold throughout several sectors.

Your strict adherence to these guidelines will ensure our continued accuracy of the data.

Please inform your dealers and we will also ensure this list is circulated to as many relevant businesses as possible.

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