07 Mar 2022

Bira Direct welcomes new sustainable supplier - Ecoriginals

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Please meet our new eco-friendly supplier - Ecoriginals!  Ecoriginals offer world-leading eco diapers/nappies made from more than 90% natural materials and 100% home-compostable luxury wipes, offering uncompromising quality for health-conscious parents and a better choice for the future.

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Born in Byron Bay Australia in 2011 and a decade of research & development later, Ecoriginals is not only Australia’s greenest, cleanest, kindest, most absorbent nappy – their plant-based, natural nappies are unrivalled the world over and now available in the UK.

Made from 90% plant-based materials, each nappy is innovatively designed to protect & nourish baby's skin as well as mother earth. With 40% more absorbency, reduced skin irritation, 12+ hours leak free & naturally soft breathable layers, our nappies & training pants are perfect for eco conscious parents. All nappies are available in 10 sizes - from Newborn to Junior sizes.

Plus their wipes are made in New Zealand and are 100% natural and compostable for a greener, gentler clean!

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Two years ago they established key environmental partnerships to plant 1 tree, remove 25 items of plastic waste from the ocean and offset all carbon emitted on the back of every order. 

Why? To ensure the only trace a child's Ecoriginals nappies and wipes will leave is the memories created using them.

They believe parents want to go beyond potential greenwashed marketing messages and interrogate claims to ensure they are only supporting companies with deep integrity and environmental values as formidable as their own.

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Ecoriginals is headquartered in Australia with offices in Byron Bay and Sydney, but they also have offices around the world including California, Dubai and London. Bira members have access to Lesley Woolmer, UK Sales Manager, based out of Manchester, to support you with any enquiries for information or product guidance.

They’ve joined Bira to work with you as our retail partners and are very much open to collaborative marketing opportunities, to stay abreast of changes in legislation and/or compliance, harnessing the wider experience that the Bira team has to offer them, as a newcomer to the UK market.

This is who they are and what drives them and we hope will delight you and your customers!

So, to get you started they are pleased to be able to offer you an opening offer:

  • Order any mix of 6 cartons and get 25% OFF**
  • Great opportunity to open a new category in your store
  • Order now for delivery up to & including 30th April 2022
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over £200+ VAT*

** 6 cartons can be either nappies (10 sizes to choose from) 

*Don’t forget there’s no VAT on nappies.

For more information about Ecoriginals products please get in touch with Lesley Woolmer, or give her a call on 07525 182214. 

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Hurry and take advantage of their exclusive launch offer available for all Bira members until 30th April 2022 only!

Login to find out more about their exclusive offers, visit Ecoriginals supplier's page.


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