13 Jan 2021

Scotland curbs some types of 'non-essential' click and collect

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has banned some types of 'non-essential' click and collect in a further tightening of restrictions.

Ms Sturgeon announced the move this afternoon after reports over the weekend that prohibition of click and collect was being considered.

Other restrictions include a ban on drinking outdoors, and customers being banned from going inside a takeaway to collect food.

The regulations are as follows:

  • Non-essential retailers’ click & collect: click & collect has to stop from Saturday for all except for retailers of clothing/footwear, homeware, garden centres/plan nurseries, baby equipment shops, electrical goods, key cutting and shoe repairs, bookshops; those non-essential stores permitted to continue with click & collect must ensure customers can only do so by appointment only; customers cannot go inside a store to collect
  • Food-to-go takeaway: from Saturday evening takeaway can continue however customers cannot go in-store, must be served at doorway or at a serving hatch; applies to coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, but not c-stores and supermarkets offering takeaway.

Bira has expressed disappointment at the decision to close some click and collect services.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira CEO, said: "We are disappointed that some click and collect services have been stopped in Scotland.

"For an independent non-essential retailer this has been a service offered to support the local community. It is not a case of people driving tens of miles to collect items. The transaction happens outdoors and is very safe.

"The unintended consequence will be to drive even more customers to the supermarkets for more purchases and there are already concerns about their safety. Many customers would prefer click and collect to visiting a busy shop as they see it as being safer. The actions taken by the Scottish Government are not based on evidence and seem counter-intuitive.

"Furthermore, I could apparently exercise each day, each day with a different person (seven people in total), and from what I have seen, people do not walk two-metres apart, do not cycle two-etres apart and social distancing is ignored. Apparently it is safe as it is outdoors – as is click and collect."

Earlier this week, Bira joined other retail associations, including the Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC), in calling for click and collect to remain in place, sending a letter to Scottish Economic Minister Fiona Hyslop.

Retail giant John Lewis has reportedly suspended its click and collect services across the UK.

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