01 Mar 2021

Focus on Honda saga gains praise

In the last edition of the BAGMA Bulletin, we ran a story of the acrimonious severing of ties between Honda and a number of UK dealers.

Since running this story in the Bulletin, in our e-briefing and on the BAGMA website, we have received praise from industry heads and dealers alike for putting the spotlight on the mistreatment of dealers by Honda – including this letter of thanks - see below, from Richard and Gill Read at Read Agriservices Ltd in Somerset.

BAGMA Director Keith Christian said: “As long as I have been in the industry the issue of dealer contracts keeps coming up. It is a subject that has been ongoing in BAGMA’s 103-year history and one that has occupied CLIMMAR (the Dealer Trade Association Group) during its 66-year history yet it is still a bone of contention that can leave dealers out of pocket and without a franchise for no fault of their own.

“No one is arguing that business arrangements will change and move with the times just that a fairer deal needs to be found for those dealers who innocently find themselves the victims of a suppliers change of tactics.”

"Dear Keith,

I hope you and your team are all keeping well in these challenging times. We were pleased to see your article regarding the abrupt termination of many Honda dealers. It brought back many memories of our receipt of termination letter from Agco.

It was nine years ago and nearly 30 years of dedication to pioneering and promoting – initially BM Volvo thenValmet, Valtra Valmet & finally Valtra. It felt like the end of the world at the time – but we picked ourselves up and continued to hold our heads up and make a success of the business.

We certainly wouldn’t go back to demands of some multi nationals – being told what to do and how to run our business. We are of the belief that independent dealers can exist and be more profitable without their demands. Hoping BAGMA will be around and able to support the independent business’ for many years to come.

Kind regards,

Richard & Gill Read"