05 Mar 2021

What has the last year meant for you?

The last year has been like no other.

Many of you who are classed as so-called 'non-essential' retailers will have been closed for eight months out of the last 12 through lockdown restrictions, and be desperate to reopen on April 12 (in England and Wales) April 26th( in Scotland).

Ahead of March 23, 2021, when it will be exactly 12 months since the first lockdown was imposed in England, we would like to hear what the last year has been like for you.

We are looking to put forward an emotive account featuring members' testimonials in a press release to mark the sombre anniversary of the start of the first lockdown, highlighting the devasating impact coronavirus has had on the independent retail sector.

So whether you were forced to shut, or allowed to trade as an essential retailer, and your experiences were positive, negative or a combination of the two, we want to hear from you!

We'd also like to hear your hopes for the years ahead - as well as marking this anniversary, this is also about building a brighter future for the sector. If you have creative ideas, or have found somthing that has unexpectedly worked for you, we'd love to hear about it too.

Please send your comments, along with your name, name and type of business, and business location to

We look forward to hearing from you.

* Please note, you must be willing to have your comments, along with your name used in the press release.