16 Jun 2020

Government's letter of thanks to retailers

Retailers have been thanked for reopening their doors this week.

In an open letter to the retail sector, the Government Minister for Small Business, Consumers & Labour Markets Paul Scully thanks everyone for 'rising to the challenges of Covid-19'.

He also thanks those working in essential retail, who have traded through the crisis,

Mr Scully said: "I have been astonished by the resilience you have shown throughout this crisis, it has been an incredible effort by all of you.

"Whether you have been working throughout this period or you are returning to work today (June 15), we support you and look forward to our incredible retail sector’s successful return to business."

The letter also thanks Bira, BAGMA's retail partner, for helping develop the Government guidance to support retailers in reopening safely.

Click here to read the full letter

*This article does not necessarily affect BAGMA members, but may be of interest