01 Dec 2020

SIP offers additional credit to members in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

SIP is working towards ensuring our business with customers in both the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, continues smoothly beyond the Brexit Deadline date of 31 December 2020.

Once SIP's arrangements are firmed up, they will update you with the details, which we intend will remove any additional work from our customers when trading with SIP.

On the subject of added haulage costs following 31st December 2020, SIP is working on how the inevitable increases in transport costs can be minimised, in order to avoid a significant increase having to be shared with our Customers across the island of Ireland.

Despite all of our planning, it is impossible to be sure there will not be significant delays in the delivery of goods to Ireland from the UK mainland during January 2021.

Therefore SIP is offering 30 DAYS ADDITIONAL CREDIT on all orders delivered to either Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland during December 2020.

Please work with us to ensure there is enough stock in the supply chain to avoid “out of stock situations” arising because of shipment delays at the UK Ports.

To Qualify orders MUST  be received at SIP by Wednesday 16th December 2020!

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