16 Sep 2020

Scottish retail recovery still 'painfully slow' - SRC

The Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC) has released its Retail Sales Monitor for August, 2020.

The report revealed recovery from the impact of the pandemic were 'painfully slow'.

David Lonsdale, Director, Scottish Retail Consortium, explained: “Six months on from the start of the pandemic and the revival of retail is proving painfully slow and protracted.

"The recovery in stores witnessed over recent months petered out in August, with Scottish retail sales now having fallen for six months in a row compared to the same period last year.

"Any hopes of a return to growth, or even better a modest claw back of lost sales from the earlier part of the pandemic, will have been thwarted by this latest data."

Key points in the report include:

  • In August, Scottish sales decreased by 8.9% on a like-for-like basis compared with August 2019, when they had decreased by 1.0%*. This is above the 3-month average decrease of 10.6% but below the 12-month average decrease of 8.5%.
  • Total sales in Scotland decreased by 7.5% compared with August 2019, when they had decreased by 0.5%*. This was above the 3m average decline of 12.0% and the 12m average decline of 9.5%. Adjusted for deflation, the decrease was 5.9%.
  • Total Food sales increased 1.5% versus August 2019, when they had increased by 2.7%*. This is the lowest since June 2019, below the 3-month average growth of 3.1% and the 12-month average growth of 3.2%. The 3-month average was below the UK level of 5.9%, while the 12-month average was below the UK’s levels of 3.4%.
  • Total Non-Food sales decreased by 15.1% in August compared to August 2019, when they had decreased by 3.2%*. This was above the 3-month average decline of 24.6% and the 12-month ave
  • rage decline of 20.0%.

Download the full report here

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