25 Jan 2021

Summer Promotion: HG Garden Products

Various HG Garden Products for Quick and Effective Cleaning

Get 10% off invoice prices when ordering any mixture of any 6 cases of HG's great gardening products from HG through Bira Direct's summer promotion.

Bira Direct Promotion HG

Get 10% off invoice prices when ordering any mixture of any 6 cases of HG's great gardening products including:

 HG algae and mould remover

HG algae and mould remover

HG algae and mould remover removes the well-known grey-green veil, also knoen as algae build-up. This algae remover removes algae build0up from patios, paths, walls, roofs, sleepers. terra cotta pots, gravestones, etc. Removing mould and algae has never been easier!

  • Result within 36 hours 
  • Sufficient for surfaces of up to 200m2
  • When diluted, no harmful effect on grass and plants.

HG algae and mould remover  Download the offer

HG patio cleaner

HG patio cleaner

The concentrated patio cleaner for terrace tiles. HG patio cleaner is a strong, concentrated patio cleaner developed especially for the effectively cleaning terrace tiles. Our patio cleaner cleans dirty, dull gravel and concrete tiles. After a treatment with HG patio cleaner terrace tiles will look like new again.

  • Very suitable for gravel tiles
  • Also for other patio tiles and paving stones
  • Immediate results

HG patio cleaner Download the offer

HG Barbecue Cleaner

HG barbecue cleaner

The absolutely thorough BBQ cleaner. HG Barbecue Cleaner is an extremely powerful BBQ cleaner/ This special BBQ cleaner removes all caked-on and burnt-in grease from the barbecue, easily and thoroughly. Thanks to this powerful BBQ cleaner, your customers barbecue will be sparkling clean super fast.

  • This BBQ cleaner removes caked-on and burnt-in grease from (gas) barbecues

HG barbecue cleaner Download the offer

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