04 May 2021

Is summertime success on its way?

Is summertime success on its way? It could well be, according to a front page report in the Sunday Express.

The newspaper suggests 'resurgent Britain is ready for an economic lift-off' after months on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. The claims are made following the lowest Covid-related death toll in many months, and positive projections by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

In the article, Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre said: "There is optimism. Members are reporting positive sales, people out and about, and a feeling of confidence. The confidence comes from all this money is savings accounts that can be spent."

And while he supports the optimism of the CBI, he's also calling for more support from the Government for hard-hit retailers through until Christmas.

Other experts quoted in the article include Alpesh Pajela, lead economist of the CBI, and health select committee member Paul Bristow, who said: "The nightmare is finally coming to an end.".

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