29 Jan 2021

New Supplier: DART Tools

New Supplier DART Tools

Bira Direct are excited to announce new supplier: DART Tools. DART was launched in 2008, when the global financial crisis was putting the screws on many UK businesses. Their aim was to take some of the pressure off, by providing our customers with a serious alternative to leading-brand accessories, at a competitive price.

DART’s power tool accessories are better designed for superior performance, and better engineered for exceptional durability. 

DART Tool Group is a trading name of Serracon Limited, a Private Limited Company registered in Scotland.

DART Tools

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Featured Products

DART Premium 8% Cobalt Bi-metal Holesaw

The DART Premium 7% Bi-metal Holesaw outperforms other leading brands by up to 3 times and has a proven track record of durability and performance. The 8% cobalt provides extreme resistance and robustness (especially in stainless steel), the high percentage. Available in 65 sizes ranging from 14mm – 210mm, the largest range in the industry. It is also multi-material holesaw that is able to cur through thin and thick gauge materials up to 38mm, suitable for cutting aluminium, steel metal, metal, mild steel, wood and other materials..

  • Proven track record of durability and performance
  • 8% cobalt which provides extreme resistance and long life (especially in stainless steel)
  • Multi-material Holesaw
  • Ability to cut through a wide range of materials
  • Wide range of sizes, 65 sizes from 14mm – 210mm

 DART Premium Multi-purpose Drill Bit

  • 120˚ diamond ground, carbide tip
  • Manufactured for long life and fast drilling through any material
  • Aggressive u-type flute giving optimal waste removal
  • Affordable and great value for money

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