01 Jul 2021

Bira is supporting UK Finance survey on SCA readiness

Bira is endorsing the eMerchant SCA readiness survey, conducted by UK Finance to help them to understand eMerchant readiness for SCA.

We previously reported that SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) was to be introduced on ecommerce transactions, but the legislation was postponed from its originally planned launch in 2019. The FCA confirmed the new SCA enforcement date to be 14th March 2022 in the UK. 

It is important that your business will be ready to comply with the regulations as soon as possible. Otherwise, your customers may find their UK payments declined if you/your payment processing providers are not ready.

Bira's preferred Card Processing provider Global Payments, have provided guidance on the latest changes to SCA. However, regardless of who your card processing provider is, they should be in touch with you to explain these changes. 

Bira is on the UK Task Force, representing SME businesses in the group set up by UK Finance.

To help UK finance understand the level of readiness of SME's please complete the short survey by clicking on the button below. The survey should take less than a minute to complete (6 questions). 

eMerchant SCA readiness survey

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