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Parking survey February 2017

Parking survey February 2017

bira are conducting a short survey on parking to help us understand the issues you face so we can fight your corner with Government.

Out of town is perceived as free parking. Even if parking spaces are rated they are usually wrapped up in the site rentals so that the all-important customer sees no direct cost and plenty of availability.

There is certainly no issue for internet traders, with many of our savvy independents making a profit from delivery charges. Amazon have got it down to a tee, although I am not so sure our grocery giants are really making a profit from food deliveries and are just frightened of losing market share.

So where does that leave the high street, expensive congested and difficult to get to? bira would really like your help in addressing what the issues are.

Please complete the below short survey

If you have more than one car park in your area, please answer generally to the following 3 questions