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Xmas appeal by RDT charity

Got any excess stock you don’t need?

Why not donate it to trade charity Rainy Day Trust to help its annual Christmas appeal? Or perhaps you can put an RDT collecting tin by your till for customers to chip in?

Every year the charity sends out a hand-written Christmas card and a little food hamper to its most vulnerable and isolated beneficiaries. This small gesture makes a huge difference to them at what can be a very lonely time of year; it shows that someone cares about them. RDT also is often asked to help with heating bills as the cold weather bites and makes payments directly to energy suppliers on behalf of its beneficiaries.

These small actions cost the charity around £11,000 each year. “We would be incredibly grateful if Bira members would help us raise this money by placing a collection tin by their tills, asking their customers to help us out,” said Bryan Clover, the charity’s CEO. “Also, if you have stock that you can donate to us, either to pass on directly to our beneficiaries or that we can sell in the run up to Christmas, that would be fabulous.”

To request a collecting tin or to discuss making a donation, email