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Making your business safe in bad weather

Slips and trips at this time of the year are regarded by some as an ‘accident ATM’ – a means of drawing out cash from local business!

These simple, effective steps can take care of your customers whilst looking after your business reputation and bank balance during bad weather.

  • Keep floors dry. A welcome mat at the front door to encourage customers to wipe their feet before entering. “Wet floor” signs work too.
  • An umbrella stand near the front door encourages customers to drop off their brolly instead of carrying it around, potentially wetting the floor and damaging your stock with the wet fabric.
  • Make repairs where floors and stairways have become uneven, tiles chipped, or carpets frayed.
  • Clearing gutters prevents overflow, damp and a dangerous ice rink developing on the surface below!
  • Include handrails on stairways – when stairs are wet people tend to rely more on a sturdy handrail.
  • Make certain that approved quality fire doors are fitted and that passageways are free from obstacles. Emergency exits must not be blocked – or locked!
  • Freezing burst pipes are common and amongst the most expensive insurance claims made during the chilly months. Inspect the lagging on pipes and tanks to prevent them from freezing. Keeping the heating on low, to prevent freezing, is a lot less costly than dealing with the consequences of thousands of gallons of water pouring through your premises.

Simple solutions make for sensible risk management

In addition to helping to keep your business safe during bad weather, Bira members will soon have access to policies to cover their homes from Bira Insurance as well. Details coming soon.

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