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Bira Direct Product of the Month

Bira Direct Supplier of the Month

Latex backed Coir Mats from JVL

The world is changing at a fast pace with more and more emphasis on recyclable, reusable and
compostable items as part of our everyday life. We’re keeping up with the changes and JVL was one of the first to change coir backing to latex.

How does latex backed coir benefit the customer?

100% biodegradable – when the customer has finished with the mat simply send it to landfill
• Coir will disintegrate within one year (depending on soil conditions)
• Latex backing will disintegrate within five years (depending on soil conditions)
• We’ve ensured our packaging is completely recyclable too, even the kimble tags are made from recycled plastic

The doormats are made from 100% natural, renewable resources:
• 100% natural coir fibre (coconut hair)
• Jute and rubber latex

Latex backing means:
It’s slip resistant and reduces the risk of slipping compared to traditional pvc backing. It helps the mat to lay flat and stay flat no matter what weather, no curling at the edges, remaining safe and practical. It also provides a better base for the coir to sit into. The coir is made from the highest quality coir fibre and mechanically twisted to form the pile resulting in considerably lower fibre shedding and a highly durable mat.

JVL product of the month latex backed coir mats


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