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8 common types of customers in retail

How to identify and sell to common types of retail customers

Understanding your customer and tailoring your sales approach is essential. Here are the most common types of retail customers and how to sell to them.


  1. The well-informed shopper
    They have done their research, checked reviews and compare prices. Acknowledge their expertise, listen, and ask questions. Make sure information about your products is available in store and online.
  2. The showroomer
    They like to see and try on products in store but will purchase online if they find a better price. Shift their focus from price to value and emphasise they can take the product home immediately.
  3. The wanderer
    They are just browsing without any real intention of purchasing. Make them feel welcome but give them space. Let them know you’re there to help if needed.
  4. The customer on a mission
    They know what they want and want it ASAP. Make the shopping process quick and simple, for example offer to ring them up on the spot with a handy iPad POS system.
  5. The confused customer
    They aren’t sure what they want or if they want to purchase. Figure out their needs by asking questions. Give them an honest lowdown on what they’re considering and they’ll learn to trust you.
  6. The bargain-hunter
    They are all about price and will shop around for it. Make them feel like they are getting a good deal by selling them on value. Get their details to let them know about your next sale.  
  7. The chatty customer
    They love to talk but can be distracting. Take some time to listen but kindly let them know you have other customers to check in on.
  8. Your regular customer
    They are the best customers to have in your store. They already love you, so make sure feel valued and remind them why they love shopping in your store.


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