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#WDYT campaign helps the high street get digitally savvy

The high street faces many challenges as the world becomes more digital and if it is to evolve, retailers need to embrace new technology.

Research by Deloitte predicts that by 2020 80% of retail will still occur offline, but 46% off all purchases will be influenced by a digital action, that could be an advert on Facebook, a Google search or an online review.

Retailers will need to provide a flawless user experience both online and offline to appeal to today’s connected customer; personalising their experience and offering the same exceptional service online as they do in brick-and-mortar stores.

There is currently a growing gap between the technology used by the consumer versus high street businesses which Place Managers and retailers need to address if the high street is to survive.

The #WDYT campaign helps equip towns, cities and retailers with the tools, advice and data they need to reach, attract and engage with their increasingly digital savvy visitors and customers.

Cheltenham BID director Kevan Blackadder said:

“#WDYT has given me a different way of engaging with businesses. It’s given the town a more joined up feel. It’s about closing the gap between shopping online and shopping on the high street.”

By helping high street businesses increase their use of social media and digital channels, the #WDYT campaign can help to drive more local footfall and attract new customers.

The campaign works by asking retailers to share a photo each day across their social media channels, using #(town) and #WDYT, to increase their digital influence and engage with consumers who are encouraged to also join in the conversation.

Polly Barnfield founder of Maybe* which is delivering the #WDYT campaign said:

“With the increasing culture of online shopping, reviews and research, retail is now a 24/7 experience.The use of digital channels influences 78% of purchase decisions. Embracing these channels can reap significant benefits for both individual retailers and their combined towns and cities.

The pilot campaign was a huge success, engaging with over 200 retailers and over 50,000consumers all using #WDYT – we are here to help all retailers across the UK drive local footfall through digital channels.”

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