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Draper Tools study finds more than ‭430 million DIY jobs needing attention in Britain’s homes‬‬‬‬‬‬

More than 430 million DIY jobs currently need attention in Britain’s homes, a new study by Bira Direct supplier, Draper Tools has found.

The Draper Tools ‘Job Done’ study looked at the nation’s attitudes to some of life’s essential but often put off jobs. From everyday home, garden and car maintenance, right through to DIY and household repairs, the research polled 2,000 adults with the aim of exploring how Britain gets the job done.

Lack of time and hectic lifestyles are partly to blame for the weighty list of home improvements on the nation’s to-do lists.

Giving their houses a lick of paint, putting up shelves and wallpapering are among the tasks they are yet to finish.

Other nagging jobs include inflating car tyres, changing light bulbs, fixing dodgy toilet flushes and cleaning the patio.

Why are there so many DIY jobs to do?

The Draper Tools research found three quarters agree if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well – otherwise, it’s simply not worth doing at all. This might explain why 44 per cent have started a task only to leave it half-finished for a prolonged period – because they realised part-way through they didn’t have the tools for the job.

Clive Richardson, Marketing Director at Draper Tools said: “Motivating yourself to get jobs done or finding the time to do them isn’t easy – especially when there are so many tasks on our to-do lists.

“The key is to focus on one thing at a time and gradually chip away at your to-do lists otherwise the mounting number of DIY jobs can become overwhelming. We find that with the right tools and a bit of determination to get the job done, these tasks don’t have to take over your life.”

The study also found seven in 10 ‘long’ to cross off DIY jobs from their to-do list – including bleeding radiators, repairing fencing and clearing out the shed. Other long outstanding tasks on the list were building flat-pack furniture, fixing squeaky doors and tightening loose screws. Raking up leaves, changing fuses and boarding up the attic also remain incomplete for many of those polled.

It seems that Britain’s busy tradespeople are no better than the rest of the population either, with the average tradesperson having more than double the household repairs and home improvement jobs on their list than the rest of the UK. The research found that those who worked in a trade such as construction, plumbing or electrics had on average 18 DIY and maintenance jobs currently on their list to do at home. By comparison, the average person had just eight.

For 59 per cent of the population crossing jobs off their list might take a while – they admit they have an ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude towards home improvement.

In fact, a fifth avoid DIY at all costs and six in 10 simply do it out of necessity.

However, a further fifth described home improvement as something they really enjoy.

When it comes to ability, more than a third described themselves as ‘very good’ at DIY – although six in 10 said they are ‘not that good’ or ‘very bad’.

As a result, many of those polled rely on others for help and advice – with dad the first point of call for four in 10.

Further to this, those who rely on their fathers will go to them as often as four times a month.

But the Draper Tools study carried out through OnePoll found a quarter will also go to their mum for some pointers.

Clive Richardson, Marketing Director at Draper Tools continued: “There are a lot of ways to make jobs that little bit easier – and mum and dad can certainly help. There are also plenty of tools that will simplify and speed up many of the jobs on the nation’s list. What’s more, it’s incredibly rewarding when you do get the job done. In fact, three-quarters of the population agreed that nothing beats the satisfaction of getting a DIY job done – so finally tackling those neglected tasks can be very worthwhile indeed.”


  1. Painting walls
  2. Cleaning the car
  3. Weeding
  4. Cleaning the patio
  5. Defrosting the freezer
  6. Hanging a picture frame
  7. Collecting leaves
  8. Replacing light bulbs
  9. Organising / clearing out the shed
  10. Painting a door
  11. Checking tyre pressure
  12. Bleeding a radiator
  13. Plastering over a little hole
  14. Putting up curtains/blinds
  15. Inflating car tyres
  16. Putting up shelves
  17. Fixing a fence panel
  18. Fixing a dripping tap
  19. Chipped skirting board
  20. Wallpapering a wall
  21. Sorting a squeaky door
  22. Tightening loose screw
  23. Building flat-pack furniture
  24. Fixing a toilet
  25. Changing a plug/fuse
  26. Replacing a doorknob
  27. Changing a showerhead
  28. Tightening up a loose kitchen cupboard door
  29. Fixing a lock
  30. Replacing a broken toilet seat
  31. Laying carpets
  32. Fixing a dodgy toilet flush
  33. Changing a light switch
  34. Sorting squeaky floorboards
  35. Repairing the shed roof
  36. Fixing a sticking drawer
  37. Fixing a broken doorbell
  38. Straightening up a door
  39. Boarding up the attic
  40. Fixing a leaking pipe

Top 5 tools to help the nation get the job done

Pressure Washer With Total Stop Feature (2800W) (Stock No: 97776)

DIY jobs pressure washer

This is a heavy-duty, reliable pressure washer that can handle larger areas. With cleaning the car and the patio listed in the top five jobs to do, this is a must-have tool that tackles both jobs easily. It’s also currently appearing in Draper’s nation-wide advertising campaign, benefiting from extra consumer exposure. You can also browse the Draper website for a whole range of pressure washers to suit a variety of needs.

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Pointed Hoe With Ash Handle (Stock No: 36672)

DIY jobs

Weeding was high on the nation’s to do list and this Pointed Hoe from the Draper Heritage range of garden tools will help tackle tough weeds. The pointed design allows the blade to get in closer to weeds and grasses around plants, making it an ever-popular choice for keen gardeners.  What’s more, all the timber used in the Draper Heritage range is sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests or plantations, so your customers can be confident they’re choosing tools that respect and protect the environment.

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Heritage Range 3 Piece Professional Paint-Brush Set (Stock No: 82514)

DIY Jobs paint brushes

Several painting jobs were cited in the Draper research, this handy set of high-quality paint brushes will help your customers to achieve a professional finish. The set consists of 25, 38 and 50mm brushes, each with a blend of pure bristles and luxurious synthetic bristles for excellent paint pick-up, efficient release and an ultra-smooth finish. The filaments are attached to a stainless-steel ferrule that’s fitted to a curved FSC certified beechwood handle, helping to deliver a smoother, more even coat of paint.

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Draper Stormforce 20V Combi Drill Kit with 2 Batteries + Charger (Stock No: 89523)

DIY jobs kit

This best-selling feature packed drill is part of the Draper Storm Force® 20V Power Interchange series – where a multi-tool battery system powers the entire range of power tools. It offers three functions in one tool: Drill, Screwdriver, Hammer, making it ideal for taking on a range of repairs and DIY jobs. Other impressive features include:

  • Two-speed gearbox with 22 torque control positions
  • Variable speed control with electronic brake
  • Battery level indicator
  • Spindle Lock
  • LED work light so you can always see what you’re working on even in low lighting and darker conditions

It comes supplied with a carry case, 2 x 2Ah batteries and a quick one-hour charger – so there’s no need for your customers to stop working should they use up one battery, just swap batteries over and keep going. The Draper Storm Force 20v series is ideal for a wide variety of jobs or repairs. Featured power tools include combi drills, hammer drills, impact drivers, impact wrenches, orbit sanders and more.

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Coloured Screwdriver Bit Set (60 Piece) (Stock No: 82405)

DIY jobs kit

This is comprehensive screwdriver bit set that’s ideal for many of the jobs on the nation’s to-do list. Part of the high-quality Draper Expert range, this set features 25mm and 50mm 1/4″ bits manufactured from S2 steel, which is hardened and tempered with a satin chrome finish. The attached coloured rings allow for easy identification. Also included is a bit holder with a quick release collet which allows the bits to be expelled quickly and efficiently. Supplied in a heavy-duty storage case with plastic inlay to hold the set securely in place.

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Survey conducted by OnePoll of 2,000 UK adults, of which 185 were tradespeople.

About Draper Tools: Draper Tools is a leading distributor of hand and power tools. Established in 1919 by Bert Draper, the company is now more than 100 years old and is still family-owned and run today. Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its expanding product portfolio which includes over 10,000 quality products. Product categories include automotive, construction, engineering and many more. Draper Tools products are available through a wide range of stockists both online and in stores. For more information, stockist details and trade enquiries visit:

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