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7 Retail Tips to Help You Drive Sales and Engagement on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spending in the UK has been growing these past few years, and we don’t expect this trend to slow down. We will likely see more consumers hitting the shops in the days and weeks ahead, so if you haven’t mapped out your Valentine’s Day strategy yet, it’s high time to do so.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a number of Valentine’s Day retail ideas to try in your store. Check them out!

1. Stay on top of your seasonal inventory

Seasonal inventory can be tough to manage. Demand can be extremely high during the weeks and days right before a holiday, which means you need to have enough stock to capitalise on the opportunity. But you can’t carry too much because sales will quickly taper off once the holiday is over.

It’s a delicate balance, but with the right ePOS and inventory management system, staying on top of your Valentine’s Day stock is entirely doable. Make sure you’re using a retail platform that lets you track the performance of your products. Keep a close eye on sales trends leading up to Valentine’s Day and use the insights you gather to make sales and marketing decisions.

For example, if a particular item isn’t selling as quickly as expected, then take immediate steps to move that product. Perhaps you can run a special Valentine’s Day sale or bundle it with faster-moving products.

Whatever the case, the only way to figure out what to do is to have the right data at your fingertips, so arm yourself with a system that can provide those insights.

2. Position your existing products as Valentine’s Day products

Not selling romantic or gift-centric items? See if you can market your existing products for Valentine’s Day anyway.
Check out what Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is doing this year. While men’s grooming isn’t inherently romantic, DSC are putting a seasonal spin on their items by highlighting how their products can help men smell and feel good on Valentine’s Day.

3. Have a special Valentine’s Day section in your store or website

Already know what you want to sell for Valentine’s Day? Place them all in one convenient part of your website or store. Doing so will make it easier for your customers to find the items that they need.
Not on the High Street , a retailer that curates and sells products from UK creatives, is doing just that. Their website has an entire section dedicated to Valentine’s Day presents, so shoppers won’t have to dig for gift ideas for their loved ones.

4. Show your customers some love

While the days leading up to February 14 certainly present a lot of opportunities for sales, don’t forget that this is also a time to show your customers how much you appreciate them.
Consider creating a customer appreciation campaign specifically for Valentine’s Day. If you have a loyalty program, for instance, you could offer double or triple points for purchases made around the holiday. In addition to driving sales, this is a great way to reward your program members for shopping with you.

5. Give your employees a Valentine’s Day treat

Don’t forget your employees this Valentine’s Day. Give them a special gift to show your appreciation. Doing so will not only delight them, but you can bet that they’ll be so pleased, they’ll pass the love along to your customers.
What you choose to do doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive gesture. On his blog , Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken writes that businesses can delight employees just by offering a simple lunch or dessert.
‘How about a heart-shaped cake. Just something to put a smile on everyone’s faces and put them in a great mood for the day. Happy employees lead to happy customers!’

6. Create helpful Valentine’s Day content

Consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day will be on the lookout for gift ideas, date night tips, outfit recommendations and more. This gives you the perfect opportunity to share relevant content — particularly if you’re selling products that they can use on the day.
For example, if you’re selling cookware, consider sharing some recipes that people can whip up for February 14th. Or if you’re an apparel or beauty retailer, you could share ‘date night’ tips for Valentine’s Day.
That’s what cosmetics retailer Birchbox did last year. A week before Valentine’s Day, Birchbox published a video about ‘date night looks’ which contained product suggestions for viewers who want to recreate the looks for themselves.

7. Don’t forget about ‘Galentine’s Day’

Galentine’s Day, which happens every February 13, is a day that celebrates female friendships. First popularised by Amy Poehler on the show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day has only been around for a few years but has grown in popularity worldwide. Data from Google Trends reveal that searches for ‘Galentine’s Day’ in the UK reached an all-time high last year.

The jury’s still out for 2019, but it’s safe to say that many consumers will be spending the 13th of February with their gal pals.
So, try running a campaign specifically for Galentine’s Day. Set up a special display or create a page on your site dedicated to it. Have a look at Casetify’s gift guide , which has a section specifically for Galentine’s Day.

Other businesses are taking things a step further. Take Revolution Glasgow, which is hosting a Galentines Sunday Brunch on the 17th.

Depending on your store, it may be a good idea to get in on the Galentine’s Day fun. Take a look at your customer base, and if it makes sense for your business, run a promotion – take promotions for example – or campaign to help your shoppers celebrate with their besties.

Bottom line

There are plenty of things to love about Valentine’s Day. Aside from helping drive additional sales, the days leading up to February 14 give you tremendous opportunities to share your knowledge and connect with your customers. So, don’t miss your chance to sweep shoppers off their feet.
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