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Don’t dilute your flood defences

Plan to stay afloat when extreme weather threatens your business

Heavier rainfall plus sea level rise both contribute to increased likelihood of flooding. Keeping your business trading is crucial and the best way to protect your business is to know what to do in advance. Flood defence plans must be regularly reviewed and it’s useful to keep a copy offsite at an out of risk location. Everyone in your business needs to know your plan and understand their role in it.

A practical flood defence plan should list actions to limit damage and improve the speed of business recovery. Bira Insurance have found the following can make a difference. You need to decide which of these are right for your business:

  • Fit demountable flood barriers or boards to doors and other openings.
  • Fit non-return valves or backflow valves to drainage systems.
  • Install resilient flooring.
  • Raise electrical fuse boxes, sockets, controls and wiring above likely flood levels.
  • Locate key stock and contents (including IT and Telecoms equipment) at a higher level.
  • Ensure data and software is backed up regularly and stored offsite – in a place unlikely to be affected by the same event.
  • Anchor fuel and other liquid storage tanks to prevent flotation.
  • Keep a note in your mobile of insurance claims helpline numbers and other useful emergency numbers such as authorities, gas and electricity.
  • Agree alternative premises for staff and storage if necessary.
  • Contact customers and suppliers to keep them informed as the situation progresses.

With a Bira insurance policy, the standard cover includes property and stock damage caused by flood. Additionally, you will be protected for the resultant loss of income under the Business Interruption section. Why not contact the Bira insurance team today to find out more?

In addition to helping to keep your business afloat during floods, Bira members will soon have access to policies to cover their homes from Bira Insurance as well. Details coming soon.

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