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Introducing Flavour Revival: a modern take on nostalgic recipes and cookware

Le Creuset encourages you to revisit classic recipes and excite your taste buds putting a contemporary spin on your staple favourites with its NEW AW/19 Flavour Revival collection. Combining a host of recipes with an up to date twist, alongside a range of both classic and innovative products, Flavour Revival will introduce elegant dining experiences.

Le Creuset Flavour Revival Black and White Logo

As we approach a new decade, which some might describe as the new roaring twenties, Le Creuset is celebrating this glamorous era (and the decade when it was born) by releasing a range to highlight the vibrant energy that the Art deco era brought to the home. The Flavour Revival collection is designed to inspire opulent dinner parties, remove yourself for a moment from the demands of a busy lifestyle, and create a sense of occasion celebrating precious time with friends and family.

Le Creuset Flavour Revival Collection

The Colours & Range

Le Creuset’s Cookware, NEW Dinnerware and Accessories in the Flavour Revival colour palette will add an air of sophistication and class to your customers’ dining space. Inspired by gemstone hues, the precious shades will provide a touch of sparkle and richness to your table when entertaining guests for lavish dinner parties. Think ruby-red Cerise, cool blue sapphire Marine, the deep jet of Satin Black and the vibrant purple amethyst of Ultra Violet, Le Creuset’s NEW colour for 2019. With shades linked with the grand nature of this era, feel inspired by this curation of colours, guaranteed to bring new age and glamour to enrich your cooking and dining.

Next time you’re planning a dinner-party style in-store display, add a touch of style and flair with Le Creuset’s exciting product ranges. Consider the sleek silver of the 3-ply Stainless Steel range including the enviable 3-ply Stainless Steel Sauteuse and Roaster and test the durability of the NEW Toughened Non-Stick Roaster, to encourage your customers to reinvent their cooking styles.


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