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Personality presents an opportunity for retailers on social media

Maybe* listened to the online conversations created by and about online gifting retailers Notonthehighstreet, FindMeAGift, and Firebox to see how they are using Facebook and Twitter. In the last of our three posts, we explore how Bira members can bring themselves to life online.

Looking at the detail


It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it

We’ve looked at the volume of content, and we’ve looked at engagement in our last post. Now we’ll look at the role of tone of voice. Notonthehighstreet hit bespoke and chic well, with a polished and slightly flowery tone. Whereas Firebox, with tongue firmly in cheek, goes for big on playful and fun. Both tones are different but authentic to the brand.

We loved this ‘marvellously marbled’ post from Notonthehighstreet which suggests both luxury and indulgence through carefully crafted copy and lovely imagery, It’s one of their highest engaged posts of late.

FindMeAGift struggles because their posts sound a bit, well meh. Take a look at this post, which lends no excitement to the product, the customer, or indeed the gift recipient. And as a result, it received no engagement.


The key takeaway

Don’t be afraid to sound like you, sign off your posts personally and be light and informal. Encourage people to pop in and see you, be friendly. Think about how you welcome and chat to customers in-store and mimic that online.

And if you’re wondering, where Instagram sits in all of this, well we think Instagram will need a series all of its own so stay tuned…

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