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6 quick tips to prepare your business for winter weather

Avoid costly repairs and cut the cost of winter weather damage

With the mornings getting colder and the evenings getting darker, we thought it might be good timing to provide you with a few useful tips to consider throughout the chillier months to help you avoid costly accidents in your shop.

1. Steady as you go – the wet look is no good when it applies to your floors!

Keep floors dry by using a welcome mat at the front door. This encourages customers to wipe their feet before entering to avoid wet floors in your shop. You should also have a wet floor sign and be ready to mop up muddy footprints throughout the day.

2. Look after your water works

Freezing burst pipes is common and amongst the most expensive losses during the chilly months. Lagging on pipes and tanks should be inspected to prevent freezing. Keeping the heating on low to prevent freezing is a lot less costly than dealing with the consequences of thousands of gallons of water pouring through your premises.

3. Don’t let sparks fly

Electrical installations require periodic testing and inspection to ensure they are safe for continued use. This can be provided by a Level 3 NVQ qualified electrician. Faulty junction boxes and other electrical equipment can lead to fires and loss of life.

4. Fire Precautions

Are extinguishers correctly installed and properly maintained? If you have a sprinkler, that will need checking too.

5. Is your exit route clear?

Is adequate emergency lighting installed and exit routes accessible? You should make certain that approved quality fire doors are fitted, that passageways are free from obstacles, and that emergency exits are not blocked – or locked!

6. Check it out to remove your doubt

Here are some final checks you can make today to avoid accidents over the darker months:

  • Door and window frames – check for signs of damage or leakage.
  • Gutters – clearing gutters prevents overflow, damp and a dangerous ice rink developing on the surface below!
  • Repairs – make repairs where floors and stairways have become uneven, tiles chipped, or carpets frayed. This includes handrails on stairways – when stairs are wet people tend to rely more on a sturdy handrail.
  • Stock – an umbrella stand near the front door encourages customers to drop off their brolly instead of carrying it around, risking damaging your stock with the wet fabric.

Plan and take action now to help you and your property survive and thrive – no matter what the weather throws at us!

Don’t let slips and trips become an ‘accident ATM’ – a means of drawing out cash!

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