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Enhance consumers experience with quieter technology

Long term excessive day to day noise can result in an increase to our stress levels, affect our sleep patterns and daily routines.  Sound effects our brain waves, heart rate, breathing, hormone secretion and all our physical rhythms. Technology dependency depletes us and has to be balanced out, this where the search for quietness begins. We’re often unaware of the layers of sound from technology surrounding us all day because noise pollution is invisible but profoundly impacts us, it can be exhausting and takes a toll on our bodies. Silence replenishes, it lowers blood pressure, calms stress and steadies the heart rate. Choosing quiet technology is being kind to ourselves.

Home is ideally our safe and calm haven, however products that we chose to put in our homes can also have an adverse effect in being unpleasantly loud to live with or meaning that we can’t hear ourselves speak such as when the kettle is boiling or having a morning shower. So it’s great to know that Quiet Mark are making that choice much easier for consumers to easily understand which products do work quietly.

Quiet Mark independently assess the acoustic performance of hundreds of products a year, measured in a real- life environment, to ensure that only the very quietest within in their category are eligible. With over 70 categories including all the kitchen, bathroom, home furnishing , building /DIY and garden sectors, Quiet Mark are championing a collective of brands that will all offer enhanced acoustic user experience in all sectors. Bira Direct present an exciting opportunity for independent retailers to purchase Quiet Mark accredited products with pre-negotiated terms and lower minimum carriage paid orders.

This presents a very significant opportunity for brands that are distributed by independent retailers, to offer enriched and enhanced instore content to your local communities. The benefit of the Quiet Mark Award can be bought to the forefront for instore theatre, presenting many opportunities to tap into seasonal themes with a collective of products such as Easter cooking, Spring bathroom DIY projects or even Summer gardening maintenance.

62% of consumers prioritize noise performance when in consideration for open plan living.  Sound performance levels of products are not easy to understand and so Quiet Mark independent testing and verification of noise levels offer you the reassurance that your customers are buying one of the quietest available in their category.

The Quiet Mark is synonymous with acoustic excellence for enhanced user experience. To find out more about the brands accredited visit

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