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Government Research Survey – Serious Crime and Small Publicly Accessible Organisations

Despite the understandable recent focus on Covid-19 and recovery, the threat from terrorism, which is not just constrained to the UK’s largest cities, sadly remains. This has been tragically and repeatedly demonstrated by recent attacks in Streatham and Reading, as well as the disruption of several high-profile plots by individuals living in towns and smaller communities.

The UK Government aims to reduce the risk to the UK and its citizens from all forms of terrorism, so that people can go about their daily lives freely and with confidence.  As part of this approach, members of the public, business owners, managers and local communities play a critical role in helping ensure the safety of the public.

As part of Government’s efforts to routinely review and seek to improve their approach, they are conducting a high priority research project to speak to organisations in your industry (and other industries).

Business owners and managers of small businesses (up to 250 employees, not sole traders) with premises that are publicly accessible (in normal times!), from across Great Britain are being asked to complete the survey.  Even if they have not been directly affected by these types of incidents before, or have no prior knowledge of security issues, it is important to have their voice included in this research. 

Why complete the survey?

The Government and Plus4 are acutely aware of the impact and challenges at this difficult time due to Covid-19.  But it remains more important than ever to understand the views of organisations in industries like yours, on matters of security and protecting their business, staff and customers. The avoid any heavy imposition at this critical time, the research takes the form of a short online survey.


Complete the survey

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