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Tips for buying a business

Everything has changed during the pandemic – probably for good. So, what does this mean for anyone that is looking to buy a business in the retail sector? What has changed and what has stayed the same when it comes to the buying process?


You need to have a clear idea of the process of buying in the current climate and get to know what to look for in a business. Knowing all this will help you to find the right business for you and your success.


We run through everything that you need to know so that you can be reassured that, as a business buyer, it’s your market and you should be ready to find a great investment.


A change in the market


Regrettably, there will be people who are looking to sell their business due to the difficulties that they’ve occurred during this recession. Retail businesses that have had to close due to the lockdown have lost a lot of their sales and may not have the capital needed to invest in moving their sales online or shifting the business to meet the new challenges.


It has been a seller’s market for the last few years and the increase in businesses on the market has shifted this the other way. We are now seeing a buyer’s market. This should impact valuations and could give you the opportunity to find a great deal.


Business buyers that are ready for the challenge of implementing new systems and streamlining the business for the new post-pandemic world can take advantage of the change in the market.


What to look for in a business


You will need to be cautious about cashflow and projections when it comes to finding the right business to buy. Do your homework as thoroughly as possible. Be certain about why it is that the owner is selling.


Come up with a plan as to how you will get the business through a recession. Adapting the business to the current climate can lead to growth in your business but you need to know what this will look like before you make an offer.


Some of the ways that you can adapt your business include improving marketing- particularly looking at the online strategy. You should also look at ways to save your customers money and make sure that you have clearly thought about customer safety. You can also assess the feasibility of including online sales into the business.


How you can adapt a business


So, what can you do to get a business through the pandemic and get it thriving? Focusing on what the business did well and the markets that it served is a great place to start.


Find ways in which you can save your customers money and make their experiences with your retail business as easy as possible.


With more people staying home, you need to perfect your online resources. This will include your website and your marketing materials. Consider your content marketing and your social media as a way to grow your audience.


Be aware of your customers and the current circumstances. Offer them a safe way to shop and stay informed of the shifting government regulations. There are ways that you can get your new business in the best possible shape post-lockdown so make sure that you will be able to implement these systems in any business that you are considering buying.



By Anthea Taylor, Content Producer at Dynamis and writes for all titles in the Dynamis stable including, and as well as other industry publications.




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