Cookware conversation is driven by deals and discounting

22 May 2019

We’d all like to be the first to know what the next big cookware and homeware trends are going to be. We’d all like to know what our customers are saying about us on social media. We don’t all have time to scour the internet to find the answers. We’ve partnered up with Maybe* so now you can!

What is the general sentiment about cookware and homeware?


From data received from Maybe*, sentiment around cookware is very positive and driven by deals and discounting. Positivity is also driven by interiors inspiration shared as hashtags in content. There is very little conversation per day about cookware, so it may be worth considering using other terms in content such as cooking, homewares, kitchen etc to broaden the reach and the audience.

What is being said about cookware?


The content in the cookware conversation in much less seasonal now Christmas is over. There is cross-over with travel, in particular hotel interiors, demonstrating that shoppers are taking inspiration from their travels – especially boutique hotels. This suggests shoppers are looking for unique and luxury brands for their cookware and tableware which bodes well for indies, and gives them the opportunity to use holiday season and travel destinations to theme their content around.

Who’s influencing the conversation?

Influencers in each conversation may be loyal advocates or bloggers or Instagrammers to partner with. Target these people and their own audience to engage them in a relevant way based on their interests. Influencers include a lot of deal and discount sites. Brands like Le Creuset and Calphalon get a good response and visibility when they are discounted. Independents creating content about brands and products they stock. Shops like Coopers of Stortford and The Just Slate Co. tend to use hashtags for products and trends. Using these could help indies identify the kind of language they could be using, brands they should be focusing on, and products and imagery they could use.

So, what have we learnt?

The volume of conversation using the term cookware is very low, so independents may find it more useful to create content using terms such as cooking, utensils, kitchenware, and moving into the wider décor and interior space to achieve cut through. The cookware conversation is dominated by big name voucher codes and discounting and influencers in the conversation also tend to be deal and discount driven. However, some indies do appear and they are more focused on materials and product names then brands and discounting. It may be more fruitful to widen content creation and influencer identification into the homemaker and interiors spaces in order to cut through. There is a crossover with those inspired by travel and hotels. This gives indies the opportunity to capitalise on the holiday season and utilising either foodie or interior inspiration into their own content.

Turn social media conversations into sales, on demand

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