Your SCA Readiness Checklist

16 Feb 2021

The deadline for supporting SCA is the 14th September 2021 for all UK-issued cards, and 31st December 2020 for all EU-issued cards.

Our preferred card processing solution Global Payments have provided a checklist to ensure your business is SCA ready by the 14th September 2021

Your SCA Readiness Checklist

Step 1. Check your website and review current payment methods 

Step 2. Update payment methods so that they either handle 3DS1 at a minimum, or upgrade to 3DS v.2

Step 3. Work with your payment gateway to help implement 3DS v.1 or 3DS v.2 

Step 4. Inform customers of the changes and highlight the benefits that 3DS v.1 and 3DS v.2 provides to the online shopping experience 

Step 5. If you own or rent your terminal from another source or use a third party provider for your ecommerce service, contact them immediately to ensure your transactions are flagged correctly

These new regulatory changes are being made to increase consumer protection, improve payment security and prevent fraud. Use our SCA readiness checklist to help you meet the fast-approaching deadline.

Download Global Payments Guide to Strong Customer Authentication here

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