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17 Nov 2020

Independent retailers have a great advantage over the chain retailers; an ability to offer a level of personal customer service which big business can’t match.

Here’s our top five tips on delivering great customer service to make sure you and your team maximise this advantage and build sales through service.


Above-and-Beyond Service

Serving our customers is the number one priority for the whole team - first, last & always! Consider what more you can do to see that your customers receive a service that exceeds their expectations; personal invites to pre-sales, VIP and loyalty card events, plus personal recommendations to view new products based on their individual purchase history are just a few ideas.

Positive Attitude

Choose your attitude -  how we think about our customers is how we’ll treat them and adopting a positive attitude is key. ‘Behaviour breeds Behaviour’; we all respond positively to a welcoming smile and an enthusiastic approach. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true - we’ve all taken our business elsewhere when we’ve been greeted by indifference. Taking a genuine interest in the customer, asking the right questions and really listening to their responses is fundamental to accurately identifying their needs and helping them find the right product.


Customers return because they like how they were treated last time; delivering a high standard of service every time encourages repeat custom and contributes to the most powerful marketing tool for independent business – recommendation by ‘word of mouth’. Whilst disgruntled customers may tell others about their poor experience, its equally true that happy customers endorse and personally recommend retailers that offer great service.


Help your colleagues and make each other look good to customers. A good team atmosphere sets the tone in the shop and reinforces the standards of friendly and efficient service. Remember everything we do ends up in front of the customer. If one of your colleagues is the expert on certain products get them involved in the sale – customers appreciate knowledgeable advice that helps them make the right choice of purchase.

Offer Thanks

Thank the customer for shopping – courtesy counts and it’s the best way to signal to the customer that their business is important to you. This is your last interaction with them and your final opportunity to make sure you close on a positive note. A little thanks can go a long way and ensure the customer leaves with a smile on their face and keen to return!

You can reinforce this by printing ‘Thanks’ cards with your business details on them (including social media contacts) to drop into each customer’s bag or to include in purchases delivered out to customers. Your ‘Thanks’ card can prompt customers to follow your store on social media, enabling you to stay engaged with your customers and to inform them of future promotions etc.


This is only touching the service when looking at ways to improve customer service to encourage more sales. Learn more about how to maximise sales through customer service with Bira Training.


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