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Scarlet Opus @ the Exclusively Shows

Trend consultancy Scarlet Opus will once again be on hand at Exclusively Housewares and Exclusively Electrical to provide an invaluable insight in to trends which will influence the homewares sector over the next few seasons.

Scarlet Opus provide in-depth predictions about the future wants needs & desires of consumers; how people will be living and what they will want to surround themselves with, focusing on colour, material, pattern, texture & shape to make products desirable 2-3yrs in advance of their launch.

By identifying trends which are relevant to the housewares sector Scarlet Opus provide recommendations to help suppliers and retailers create a unique and sustainable competitive advantage.

Trend Talks @ Exclusively

Scarlet Opus will present 2 trend talks,  in the trend hub housed in the Atrium above Exclusively Electrical at 10.30 each day.  These informative and stimulating presentations will bring to life the key trends predicted to influence consumers in the next 18 months.

In previous years these have been standing room only events, so they do come highly recommended.

Trend Display @ Exclusively

Also located in the trend hub above Exclusively Electrical will be the Scarlet Opus trend display, incorporating exhibitor product selected in the context of three consumer & design trends for 2020 identified by Scarlet Opus. The three selected design trends will guide the styling of interiors over the 18 months.  The trend interpreters from Scarlet Opus will be there to talk buyers and visitors through the displays.

Trend tours @ Exclusively

Participation in a trend tour will provide a further insight to of the trends and a knowledge of the products consumers will be looking to buy – reducing the risk of buying decisions. Lead by one of the Scarlet Opus trend  interpreters,  they will point out the Recommended “on-trend” products and the reasons they are forecast to be on trend.  Tour bookings can be made on the show website and for groups of 5 or more we can arrange a private tour,  just note your requests via our booking system.


exclusively scarlet opus product design on trend 2020

New for 2019 the ‘Recommended on Trend Product’ award

On route to the Trend Hub and throughout your time at the show, look out for the ‘Recommended on Trend Product’ award around the exhibition and on exhibitors stands, these products have all been selected by Scarlet Opus as being “Recommended On Trend”, meaning that they have the very best chance of being what consumers will want to buy.


The Trends Explained ; Traveller, Fellowship and Satori

Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 Trend – Traveller

The followers of this trend will dare to look ahead with optimism to a calmer more stable era. Establishing fairness is central to the trend’s agenda and an era of transparency and clarity begins. The trend is focused on restoring balance, order and correctness. (Will we revert to formal dining? Will we be buying British?)

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend – Fellowship

The fellowship trend is all about the Power of the Collective, rising up together as a community of collaborators. Consideration for the planet, the farmers, factory workers and the materials used. It’s all about a global outlook which installs hope that it must get better for all.  Its very much about revolting from the establishments, with its systems, protocols and procedures and moving to a more relaxed comfortable environment. Leading to a celebration of diversity, embracing new from all corners of the world in our increasing globalised world. Simply reaching out for a better truer future.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend – Satori

#serenity is the basis of this design trend Satori. It reflects on the “Art of Living”. A recognition and acceptance cement our relationships with what is real rather than virtual.  Moving back to solid values, from which we can build a framework. Consideration and compassion are given to the natural world, and all that has a low carbon footprint. Veganism, biodegradability, cooking from scratch all come to the fore. Preserve you, the planet, in order to maintain a balance and gain serenity. 

The Scarlet Opus initiative allows visitors to make informed more calculated buying decisions, by providing an insight into the popular trends hitting our interiors in 2020/21.