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London Business School Announces Scrub Daddy as the Winner of the Alexander Fleming Serendipity Award

The London Business School held their annual dinner and awards ceremony, The Real Innovation Awards, last week in the centre of London. The celebration highlights the real heroes and stories that make innovation happen. They know innovation can be haphazard, slow and serendipitous, and rarely follows a smooth straight path. Innovation calls for tenacious and passionate people with vision to make it happen and the winners of the awards told this story.

On November 14th, the award ceremony took place where the winners of six categories were announced. Scrub Daddy was humbled to receive the Judge’s Choice for the Alexander Fleming Serendipity Award! Scrub Daddy’s UK representatives accepted the award on behalf of President & CEO Aaron Krause.

The Alexander Fleming Serendipity Award celebrates success sparked by an accidental discovery; a description that couldn’t better personify how Scrub Daddy came to fruition. Scrub Daddy was initially made as a hand scrubbing tool for the auto industry but had no success. Five years after the failed product had been retired, Aaron decided to use it on a whim to clean his garden furniture. This time, the cool air temperature sparked a change in the polymer foam’s texture. The discovery sparked a chain of events that in short, led to a redesigned shape and newfound purpose in the kitchen. Scrub Daddy then went on to become Americas Favourite Sponge, ABC hit TV show Shark Tank’s biggest success, and now an international phenomenon!

About Scrub Daddy Inc.

Founded in 2012, Scrub Daddy is the world’s most innovative scrubbing product and the most successful product in Shark Tank history. Scrub Daddy’s happy face, with cut out eyes and mouth, is made unique by its patented FlexTexture® material. In warm water, it’s gets soft and in cold water it gets firm. It’s independently lab tested scratch free on over two dozen different household surfaces making it ideal for every cleanup chore imaginable! Scrub Daddy’s exclusive technology also keeps clean of debris, resists stains and odours, even after weeks of use. Scrub Daddy’s mission is to develop the world’s most creative, fun, and innovative cleaning tools.

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