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Welcome to the National Association of Health Stores

bira are proud to be working with the NAHS to help drive the UK healthfood trade forward. Through NAHS membership you will automatically receive support from bira, who for over 118 years have been committed to the continuing success of every business we support within the independent retail industry.

Through the NAHS partnership with bira we are not only able to provide the specialist support specific to the industry, but also make sure that you are a part of the UK’s biggest independent retailer network, providing you with a wide range of member services tailored to your business.  

Currently, bira work with over 6500 independent businesses and offer a number of benefits designed to work around you from free legal advice to preferential card rates, business banking to workplace pensions. Through this strength in numbers we can ensure that NAHS have greater political and strategic influence and a greater insight into the independent retail market as a whole.

The National Association of Health Stores was started in 1931 to represent the growing number of independent health stores in the UK. It is the only organisation in the UK which can claim to speak for such businesses and is run entirely by independent retailers, seeking to promote shopping in locally owned, independent Health Stores to the public.

NAHS benefits

  • Industry specific discounts and free offers
  • Regular updates of news which affects our industry
  • Listing on NAHS website store locator and through
  • Access to NAHS social media campaign