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Greg Davies, Bradbeers

Not only do I get a straightforward yes or no, but the follow up and support service that backs it up is second to none, it’s the main reason why I’ll chose them first.

I was unsure whether to purchase a new business vehicle a short while ago. A week later I was back in the dealership. I had decided I wanted the car and naturally wanted it as soon as possible. I called bira bank and surprised Frank with the challenge direct from the garage. Five hours later the money was in the account and I was on my way to collect the car the following day.

I know the team at bira bank and they know me. Unlike my highstreet bank they know my business accounts too, which means a lot in terms of speed. Their decisions are made on these and I don’t have to spend hours resubmitting accounts to “a new manager” every time I want to invest in my business.

I’m currently in the process of costing up an entire A/C refit for one of my stores, a large and costly expensive project coming in at over a hundred thousand pounds. I went straight to bira bank knowing they would give me a top rate. The businessman inside of me wanted to check I was getting the best deal so checked with another lender as well as the company installing the system. All I did was spend extra time than I needed, bira bank’s rate was a whole percent lower without me haggling.

Greg Davies,