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Hurley stores Bolton

Hurley Stores Bolton

We have three stores together in one location; men’s, women’s and kids with over 300 50w low voltage bulbs plus many other fittings. There were always bulbs going (up to 10 a week) and staff constantly up ladders instead of serving customers. The risk of accidents with very high fittings requiring a lift or tower to change them.

The 50w Low Voltage bulbs were changed for 7w LED with the same light output saving 86% on those particular fittings, some fittings don’t have quite the same degree of saving but a minimum 60% in our case.

We didn’t go for standard GU10 bulbs to replace the 50w Low Voltage fittings but went down the high quality route using Enigma lighting whose fittings are guaranteed for 5 years or they send an engineer to change them at their own cost. These fittings also have the correct colour temperature essential in a fashion store to show the true colour of the clothing instead of the stark white you often see.

In our case for the 3 stores to change all the light fittings was around 18k plus 2k for the electricians to fit them. Our annual electricity bill was around 16k now it is under 7k saving over 9k a year. The finance repayments including interest through bira (by far the best rates we could find) over 3 years is around 7.5k.

I call this a no brainer, I’ve got brand new high-quality LED lighting throughout my stores with all the advantages of reliability and no maintenance for five years. I am better off by just under 2k a year than if I didn’t do it, so free fittings and money in the bank! After 3 years when the finance has been paid of I will be 9k a year better off. Even if the lights go after 5 years you only change the lighting insert not the whole fitting so you aren’t looking at the same original cost.

So why wouldn’t you do this, why wouldn’t anyone do this? The sooner you do it the sooner you start saving and it is a huge benefit to the environment.

Mark Hurley

Managing Director